Temperament and Personality of Dachshund

 Dachshunds are big dogs in small bodies.They have all the qualities and characteristics that other big Canine members show.The are loving,sometimes extremely energetic,playful and at the same time stubborn.They are loyal to their masters and are also obedient if properly trained.Dachshunds were bred to be fast and clever in order to make them better hunters.They are not aggressive but hunting is in their nature so they would hardly miss a chance to chase rabbit or badger if it comes into their sight.Dachshunds are quite opposite to Beagles and do not need excessive exercising routine however they can still be demanding in other cases.They are not watch or guard dogs but are vocal and would inform you on observing anything unusual happening in surroundings.They would prefer to sleep at night when you are sleeping too.Dachshunds like to take decisions on their own.Once they decide they hardly change their decision.Dachshunds do need training starting from childhood in order to be a good dog.Dachshunds are naughty and childish.They never lose these two even when they get old.Dachshunds get along well with children if early and properly socialized.They are clever and does not like seeing another dog getting same importance in a house.However they have been seen showing better attitude towards dogs of their family.Dachshunds can adjust to small apartments where they are mostly kept.That is the reason they are considered a suitable house pet.Different types of Dachshunds are result of breeding standard Dachshunds with other dog breeds in different regions and that's why they have shown different personalities.All types of Dachshunds can be a bit difficult to train.One must spend some time to make his dog realize the importance of his orders and also how to behave in outdoors.
Image Source:dachshund-parade


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