Temperament and Personality of Boxer Dogs

 Boxers are the dogs who love to cuddle or in other words you can say they are lap dogs.Boxers always wants to be touched and in absence of humans with their companion Boxer.This actually shows how family oriented and loving they are.Boxers are best described in words intelligent,loving,energetic and mischievous.Boxers are not aggressive by nature but they are true hunters.They were actually bred to hunt and has strong will power of not letting things go if they have decided something.Boxers are energetic and therefore regular exercise is their foremost body requirement.Boxers are trainable and it is always better to start training from puppyhood or to adopt the puppy in smaller age so you can mold him according to your house environment.Boxer get well along with small children all that you need is to just train them properly and early socialization plays the most important role in it.Boxers also get along with other pets if have made use to them.Boxers are can be naughty sometimes but that does not have anything to do with their age as they almost remains the same throughout their life.Boxers are loyal to their masters and can understand human emotions.Therefore they have tendency to develop deep attachments to their owners or with the families they have been living with.Traveling or separations can cause health problems for them.Boxers are good watch dogs and can also serve as a guardian for their family and property.Boxers like to learn new things and are keen to perform tasks given to them.
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