Temperament and Personality of Bengal Cats

  Bengal cats are no doubt unique in their look and also in characteristics.Bengal cats are best described as intelligent,active,affectionate and loyal.These cats have endless amount of energies and are always ready to do something new.They are highly trainable.These cats are good at learning tricks and also have been known as one of the most well behaved members of feline world.They need your proper time and attention and then you can develop a well understanding between you and your Bengal cat.Bengal cats are almost as vocal as Siamese are.They will surely inform you whatever and whenever they are in need of something.In general they are playful and will not disturb you much as they have ability to understand whats happening around them.Bengal cats like to climb high and can certainly create a mess if left alone.They are independent but still people oriented and likes to attract people around them.Bengal cats are totally misunderstood when they are thought to be related to leopards or a large and aggressive cats not very suitable for a house pet.Actually Bengal cats are affectionate and loving.They are not aggressive at all and would get along well with children and other pets if properly socialized and trained.As they are trainable so you just need to spend some time with your cat in order to make him a well behaved house pet.Bengal cats are not lap cats and would like to be indulged in any kind of activity till the time they are awake.All in all they Bengal cats have such charming and playful personality holders that one can never be bored living with them.
Image Source:lovelydailyphoto


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