Temperament and Personality of Beagles

Beagles are best described as intelligent,athletic,playful,affectionate and even tempered.These dogs are active not for an hour or two but for the whole day as they are never tired.They are people oriented and always like to be attended by the people around them.The love to play not only with their owners but also with strangers.They are social and never hesitate in meeting new people and making new friends.They also get along well with other pets but they surely need timely socialization and proper training.An owner need to develop a good understanding in order to know how his dog will behave in different situations.Beagles are not aggressive and prefer to utilize their energy in activities like playing and chasing things.These fast little hunters need proper exercise and contrary to their small size they need a bit wide place to fit in.They don't like being alone as most of other dogs and would get bored.They also like to play with toys and they never change their habits like they never get old.One should keep in mind that a Beagle requires a significant amount of time from their owners otherwise it's almost impossible to have a happy healthy Beagle.Beagles are hunters by nature so you need to be a bit careful in case you are having other smaller pets in your house.Beagles are energetic and would be the happiest when are performing orders of their masters.
Image Source:primewire