Size and Weight of Beagle

 Beagles are from Scenthound family.These small sized hounds have long been used for hunting.They are also known for their faster speeds.Beagles have been seen with different size and weight ranges.The modern Beagles that wee see today comes in two different sizes one having average height between 13-15 inches or 33-38 cm whereas the other height range is between 14-16 or 35.5-40.6 cm.Similarly females also comes in two different height ranges with an average height between 9-14 inches.
Weight of an adult Beagle remains the same once fully grown.Average weight for adult male Beagle lies in the range of 22-28 lbs or 10-12.7 kg whereas females the weight range is about 18-22 lbs or 8.1-10 kg.
Image Source:thepetsplanet


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