Interesting Facts about Bengal Cats?

 Bengal cats are interesting creatures and are now famous all over the world because of their unique looks and characteristics.Here are some interesting facts about Bengal Cats
  1. Bengal cats are hybrid cats and are the result of cross breeding between Asian Leopard Cat and other domestic cats.
  2. Bengal cats were named after the Scientific name of Asian Leopard cat that is "Prionailurus Bengalensis".
  3. Bengal cats have got the championship status after their three generations.
  4. Bengal cats have unique coats that comes in almost 13 patterns and because of their coat they are sold on much higher prices by breeders than any other cat breed. 
  5. Bengal cats are one of the most vocal cat breed after Siamese.
  6. In start Bengal cats were nor registered by many cat associations because they were hybrid.But later on they have won almost all standard breed statuses.
  7. Bengal cats are considered as one of the most intelligent cat breed.They have ability to learn tricks.Clicker method used for Dog training is also been used to train Bengal cats.
  8. Image Source:petcollectionworld


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