Interesting Facts about Beagles

 Beagles are now known as one of the most famous dog breed around the world.They have been ranked as the 3rd most famous breed in Unites States after Labrador Retrievers and Germans Shepherds.Here are some interesting facts about Beagles.
  1. The exact origin of word Beagles is unknown as exact origin of Beagle breed is unknown.However it is thought to be derived from french word "Begueule" which means "Open throat" that seems a bit more related to Beagles than other myths about their name.It is also thought to be derived from German world "Begele" which means "to Scold".
  2. Beagles are thought to be existed in ancient Greeks in 500 BC.They were carried to England when William I came to rule England.
  3. Beagles have passed through lots of changes of development.They were breed to be fast and small.In 1700 pocket Beagles were produced having height about 9 inches to fit in hunters pockets.
  4. Beagles were not fast enough as we see them today.They were bred with Italian Greyhounds to improve their running speed.
  5. Popularity of Beagles faced the biggest decline when Fox hounds were being used by hunters to hunt bigger animals.After the World war there were almost no Beagles left in England.
  6. A healthy Beagles can run up to 25-30 mph.
  7. Beagles were bred to hunt and they need proper training to learn how to behave with other small pets.
  8. Contrary to their size Beagles need a quite large space and exercise to keep themselves healthy.They are often kept in small apartments that is not suitable for them at all.
  9. Beagles were bred to have long ears.The reason behind this is while chasing rabbits and other small animals their large ears helps them to maintain their balance and keep the scent alive.
  10. Beagles are one of the most vocal breeds.They are also have great ability to smell.They can easily smell  a thing from more than 400 meters distance.
  11. Image Source:cuteofanimals


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