Beagles have short coat and does not need excessive grooming.However grooming is an essential part of your dog's life to keep him healthy and away from many diseases.Here are some suggestions that might help you grooming your Beagle.

                                                           Beagles have short smooth coat.Beagles do not shed a lot.They have sensitive coat and special care must be taken while grooming them by hair brush.Always use a metal tooth comb specially made for pets.You can start the grooming section by hand by slowly massaging.In this way you can feel any loss of hair on a specific part of coat or any kind of rashes if occurred.This will also allow you to feel any kind of lumps or bumps present. This can also help in increasing blood flow in different body parts.You can first use a wide toothed hair brush and after that a narrow one.Don't rush in any case as it may hurt your dog and any tangled hairs somewhere due to dirt or less grooming.This is really matters how do you treat your dog while grooming because the only thing that will make your dog ready for grooming again is how enjoyable was the previous grooming session.

                  Giving your Beagle a bath would be a bit  tough task as they do not like to stay at one place for a long time.Bathing is one of the most important section but the question is how often they need bath?They may need bath once in a month.Try to use a good quality shampoo and special care should be taken near eyes,nose and ears as shampoo may bring harm to them.You may need a helper in this section also.Don't let your Beagle out in direct sun exposure after bath.Try to clean the coat with a towel or a hair dryer can also be used.Do not brush the coat again if not completely dried.It may take almost 15 minutes for their coat to become completely dry.You can change their bathing schedule in winter as they need less bathing in cold temperatures.Try to keep your Beagle in warm and constant temperature at least for an hour after bathing.

                                         Cleaning your dog's teeth is necessary to prevent Gingivitis and many other oral diseases. .Special care must be taken try to use a soft toothbrush and a medicated toothpaste.Move the brush gently over canines.Try to brush your Beagle's teeth for about 4-6 minutes.You can get toothbrush and toothpaste specially designed for dogs from a nearby pet store.

                                    Beagles have big dull brown eyes.Eyes are the most sensitive part and small Beagles are prone to many eye problems ( click here To see).Try to use cotton dipped in a lubricant ex.Water or Hydrogen Peroxide and roll it gently around the corner of eyes.You don't need to push anything at all.By repeating the process 5-10 times you will see all the dirt coming out.If you see any kind of swelling at eyelids or a considerable increase in shine of eye consult it with your vet as your Beagle might have been suffering from any eye disorder. 


                                      Ears should be checked regularly as their is always danger of the occurrence of mites.Usually the sign for having mites is the excessive scratching of ears.You need to consult a veterinary specialist in such case.Try to use a cotton bud or wet wipes and roll it gently inside the ears so it can carry the maximum dirt with it.Try to repeat the process for 4-6 minutes.  

                                               Nails need to be cut if are not shedding themselves.You need to be careful as it may result in bleeding if not carefully cut.Try to use a sharp edged nail cutter and cut the dead part usually turned to yellow.Try to push the paw with your thumb so you can see the whole nail out and can cut it at the right place.Look twice and make sure that you are cutting the nail at a significant distance from the root.


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