How much does a Dachshund Puppy Cost?

 Dachshund has taken it's place as one of the most demanded dog breed all over the world.
    This breed is now considered as the 10th most popular dog breed in USA.The reason behind their popularity is their versatility.Beagle puppies are available in a wide price range ranging from $ 200-1500$.You can find a number of purebred Dachshund puppies in animal shelters where they would cost you around 200-300$.The prices are also different for different types like Miniature or Toy Dachshund would normally cost more than a Standard one.From a reputable breeder a healthy Dachshund puppy would cost you around $300-$600.Show quality pets never has any range.The better coat color or your desired characteristics you search the more it will cost.A show quality Dachshund puppy can cost you around 600-1500$.
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