Golden Retriever Dog History

 Golden Retriever is relatively a new dog breed and was produced to fulfil gaming needs and to attain food for living.Their history dates back to 18th century when Waterfowl or Wildfowl  was one of the most popular sport in United Kingdom.The honor of having first litter of Golden retrievers is with Edward Marjoribanks who was the son of 1st Tweedmouth and Isabella.Tweedmouth developed this dog breed among with other dog breeders in his own state named as "Guisachan".He wanted to have a dog best suitable for water fowling or a water spaniel.They characteristics he desired were a medium sized dog with water repellent coat and ability to retrieve the game.Therefore along with his partner breeders he bred his yellow retrievers with a domestic water spaniel.The first litter he gained from the cross were quite different in color than yellow retrievers and later on those dogs were bred with other dogs with to attain the desired characteristics.The breed soon became famous in all over the England because of plenty of useful characteristics and abilities it had.Golden Retriever's love for water can never be ignored and their beautiful shining coat has also acted as a milestone in their popularity.Golden Retrievers were carried to USA in the late 19th century where they also became famous.The first Golden Retriever was recognized by Kennel Club in England in 1908 and 17 years later in 1925 first Golden Retriever was recognized by American Kennel Club.After that Golden Retrievers have hardly faced a decline in their popularity and are now 4rth largest number of dogs registered by Kennel Club.
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