German Shepherd Dog History

 German Shepherds were originated in the city of Karsruhe,Southwest Germany more than 100 years ago.Max von Stephanitz is considered a big name in early development of German Shepherds.They were bred to be working dogs.German Shepherds has passed through different phases of development and is now considered as one of the most famous dog in any dog category.German Shepherds were first represented in dog show in late 19th century.The first German Shepherd club was founded in 1899.German Shepherd became a famous dog right after he appeared.The reason behind which was the numerous qualities stored in them.The most prominent of them was their loyalty and intelligence.These dogs are really committed to their masters and the most important for them is to obey their orders.Their intelligence can never be ignored.German Shepherds are considered as 3rd most intelligent dog breed.World war badly affected many dog breeds along with German Shepherds.However some serious breeders worked to keep the breed alive again but surely they didn't remain completely the same as they were firstly bred.As the time passed German Shepherds one more quality that breeders needed to develop was to make these dogs suitable to be kept at houses.German Shepherds were first brought to USA in 1907 when they were presented on a dog show.American Kennel Club first recognised German Shepherds in 1908 whereas other types of German Shepherds like Black and White German Shepherds were bred later.German Shepherd is now the 2nd most registered dog in the most registered dog list of AKC.Kennel Club in United Kingdom started recognising German Shepherds in 1919.
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