English Bulldog History

 Bulldog is a common name used for several Bulldog types related with different country names.The word "Bulldog" has it's roots almost 600 years ago when these dogs were used in Bull Baiting.The Bulldogs that we see today are obviously much different than those who may have been used by the people in Bullfighting.These dogs have seen different phases of development and the Bulldog that we see today is smaller in size with good temperament and more feasible to get along with families then his ancestors.English Bulldogs are descendants of Asian Mastiffs that were bred to fight.Mastiffs are still known for their size,power and protective nature.In Middle ages Wildfowl and Bull Baiting both were the sources of amusement and also the source of income for many people.People used to breed their dogs to prepare them for fights and for better rewards.History shows that the game was also popular in other parts of the world.Bulldogs of that time were strong and were trained enough to make a bull lick the dust.This cruel game was being played for centuries.The efforts to prove this game illegal were started in 1800 and by considering the game finally as Animal Cruelty it was banned in 1835.Bulldogs faced a big decline in that era as they were bred to be aggressive and to fight and could no longer be used.Breeders then started breeding them to be good tempered and social.The reason behind why today's Bulldogs are smaller in size is their breeding with Pugs in past times.Breeding with Pugs made them smaller gave them a more wrinkled look.Now Bulldogs are sub-categorized as English,American and French Bulldogs and are all famous not only in their origin but all over the world.Bulldog Club was founded in United Kingdom in 1892 after that many others were founded and collectively they made a Breed Council in 1970 that unfortunately remained active till 1992.Bull dogs were brought to USA in 19th century.They were first recognized by American Kennel Club in 1885 and are now considered as the 5th most registered dog breed by AKC.
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