Boxer Dog History

 Boxer is comparatively a new breed of dog and is considered to be first bred in late 19th century.A large sized dog breed called Bullenbeisser existed in Germany and neighbouring countries till Boxers appeared is considered to be one of the several forefathers of Boxer Dogs.Bullenbeissers were used to hunt big animals and were thought to had high bite force.English Bulldogs were used along with Bullenbeissers to make a breed smaller in size with small muzzled face having same hunting abilities but more suitable to be kept at homes.A German breeder named George Alt is considered to have first Boxer type dog from a cross between Bullenbeisser and a domestic dog.Boxer Club was founded in Germany in 1896.and Boxers were then used as guard dogs for a long time and are still carrying the label of Guard Dogs.One of the female from that first litter named Alt's Schecken were than bred to English Bulldog imported from Great Britain.However it can not be surely said that Boxers are only descendants of Bullenbeissers and English Bulldogs.Boxers were first presented on a dog show held in Munich in 1895.Boxers were imported to USA and United Kingdom in early 20th century and soon became famous there.In United States Boxer is now the 7th most popular dog breed.Boxers were first recognised by American Kennel Club in 1915 whereas the Boxer club was founded in America in 1935.Boxers are working dogs and were used in World War I by soldiers.Though world war affected also affected this breed along with many other dog breeds but after this Boxer appeared as an important dog breed and were started being used widely as guard dogs and for Military and Police purposes.
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