Beagle Dog History

  History tells the origin of Beagle or small sized dogs used for hunting  in England and before that in Greece.The exact origin and ancestry of Beagles is unknown however it is being said that these kind of dogs were kept by ancient Greeks in 500 BC.A number these dogs were used for hunting purposes.The Beagle we know today is considered to have it's origin in England and are thought to be the descendants of the hounds carried by Greeks to England.William I or William the Conqueror is thought to have carried his Tablet hounds to England when he started ruling there in 1066 that lasted almost for 21 years.Those dogs were later bred with other hounds having faster running ability to improve and polish their hunting skills.This breed then passed through different phases of development in England and have been used by English people for gaming purposes for a long time.They were bred to be shorter and faster and in the same era pocket Beagles were produced that were smaller in size than a cat in order to be able to fit in hunters pockets.Beagles popularity faced the biggest decline in early 18th century when hunters started used larger sized hounds to hunt large animals.They were so badly ignored that only a small number of these dogs were left in England.Some Beagle lovers kept this breed alive and once again these dogs were started becoming famous not for the hunting purpose but to be kept at homes as a pet.Beagles were first carried to America in 1870 where they appeared soon as a popular dog breed.Then American breeders bred these dogs to attain specific coat colors and made this breed more suitable to get the championship status.The actual purpose of importing some specific Beagles from England was to improve this breed in a way that it will carry both of the qualities of a hunter and a house pet.Beagles were one of the first dog breeds registered by American Kennel Club.They were first registered by AKC in 1884.In 1888 Beagle club was found for the betterment of Beagles.Modern Beagle that we see today has been one of the most famous in USA and many other countries.Beagles are an essential part of any dog show and have the honour to get all championship statuses.
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