10 Interesting Facts about Boxer Dogs

 Boxers are interesting in the sense of their activities and also their nature.They have carried their position as the 7th most registered dog breed by American Kennel Club.The reason behind this is their lovely personalities and several qualities.Here are some interesting facts about Boxers.

  1. Boxers were bred from a now extinct dog breed named Bullenbeisser (once existed in Germany) and English Bulldogs.
  2. Boxers are highly energetic and needs regular exercise.A Boxer may need more than 2 hours of exercise daily.
  3. Boxers are prone to Heart,Bone and Skin disorders.They are prone to a specific heart disease called Boxer Cardiomyopathy. 
  4. Boxers are lovely in nature and always want you to pet them.Not only with humans they also love to cuddle their partners.
  5. Boxers were bred to hunt large animals.A healthy Boxer may run up to 30 mph.
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  7. Boxers have large litter sizes.It takes almost 3 years for a Boxer puppy to become completely mature.
  8. Boxers have lose big lips and wrinkly face therefore they have tendency to drool and that is the reason they need regular cleaning session.
  9. Boxers get along well with other pets and would rarely show aggression towards them.They have been seen showing aggressive behavior to other Boxer dogs instead of other smaller dog breeds.
  10. Boxers are also famous for their bite forces.However they are not tend to bite in humans or to other pets.This can be their natural characteristic but it does not mean they are fighters or are dangerous.
  11. Boxers having 75% of their coat consisting on white color are called white Boxers.They are not considered as separate dog breed as they carry same characteristics with just a difference in coat colors.


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