Yorkshire Terrier Dog History

  As the breed name shows Yorkshire Terriers or Yorkies were originated in the country of Yorkshire in northern England.This is a new breed of dogs who's history date back to mid of 19th century.They are the result of breeding between Scottish and English terriers.In the late 18th century Scottish people came to the country of Yorkshire in search of work and a developed place to live.They brought Scottish Terriers with them.
These two breeds were crossbred for a long time and as a result today's Yorkshire Terrier were produced.However it is not confirmed that Yorkies are only result of these two breeds.Scottish Terriers were also bred with other English domestic dog breeds so Waterside Terrier and Paisley Terriers are also included in their parent's list.This breed become famous right after their creation and were widely used for Rat Baiting among other Terrier breeds.Yorkshire Terriers were also used in Clothing mills to prevent rats.The  first touched the American soil in 1870s and soon became the symbol of high society because of being expensive and is now of of the most popular breed of dogs in USA.The breed was first recognized by American kennel club in 1885.The breed also got famous in Europe in early 19th century because of their unique look and notable characteristics.

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