Reason behind Labrador Retriever being famous?

  Labrador Retriever is the most famous dog in United States,Canada their origin,Australia and also becoming famous in European region.This dog breed has proven itself as the most ideal dog breed in any case.They has been carrying the position of being the most famous dog breed from last 23 years.According to a research more than 25 % of the new dog buyers are buying are giving preference to Labrador Retrievers on other dog breeds.Labrador Retriever is an excellent companion at work as it has ability to work hard in harsh conditions.Has endless energy and stamina stored in it.Has medium sized well balanced body structure and above all the loyalty with the owner.On the other hand Labrador Retrievers are perfect family dogs totally people oriented and affectionate fun loving and has great ability to get along with other pets and children.Not an aggressive dog breed at all.Would be a perfect guard in your absence.All these qualities makes Labrador Retriever a complete and perfect breed that would definitely be your first choice.
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