Why do dogs Slobber and Drool?

  Slobbering is the excretion of secretions from a dog's mouth mostly at the starting line of lips.
 There are some breeds who naturally slobber more like Bloodhounds and American Bandogge Mastiff.These dogs slobber because of their lose big lips that are unable to control the secretions inside their mouth.A dog may slobber when he is hungry and sees food in front of him but that is again natural and there is no need to worry about such condition.But if a naturally non-slobbering dog starts to slobber then it might be because of few causes like excitement as most of dogs slobber while traveling.Another cause of slobbering can be stress or anxiousness.
You dog may start to slobber excessively if he is suffering from any kind of mouth infection or if he is having too much plaque in his mouth.In such cases you can clean your dog's teeth and if it doesn't stop then you should consult with a veterinary specialist.Your dog may also slobber if the pet food you are providing him with does not suit him or he is suffering from nausea or any other kind of digestive problems.


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