Why do Cats Hiss?

  There are different ways through which cats communicate and hissing is one of them.Hissing includes specific kind of sound and posture which cat shows while being defensive and also in many other conditions.Cats don't learn to hiss as you will see a little kitten will even hiss to defend himself in any kind of danger.It is not necessary that your cat needs to be angry to hiss he may hiss if he didn't like any thing happening around him.However,hissing is still a gesture to show aggression for cats.While hissing cats heavily through out air from their nostrils and mouth.Eyes are almost closed.Tail becomes hard and canines and tongue can clearly be seen.Cats hiss to give warning to other cats.That is actually a gesture to show others how strong they are and not to fight with them or they also use it not to fight as only hissing is enough and most of cat fights ends on hissing only.As all the pet owners know cats love their houses and they really don't want to share it with any other pet.When a new pet is introduced to a house this works as a threat to your cat already owning the house.In such conditions cats hiss a lot to show they didn't like what you did.However,as the time passes your cat will start behaving normally.In other cases cats may also show a dog like behavior and will start hissing on any new or unfamiliar person that enters your home.Usually male cats have been seen doing this.Third case in which Female cats hiss a lot is when they have new born kittens around them.That is no doubt to protect those little felines from any kind of danger.
Image Source:pekkasavolainen


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