Turkish Angora Cat History

  The exact origin of Turkish Angora cats is unknown.However these cats are thought to be originated some 500 years ago in the Capital city of Ankara,Turkey.Ankara was formerly known as Angora and that became the reason behind their name.Turkish Angora cats are thought to be one of the oldest natural cat breed.These cats have delicate long haired coat that is of mostly white color.Nature has awarded these cats with such a silky and long haired coat to withstand the harsh weather conditions of Anatolian region.Turkish Angora cats have always been considered the most important and precious cat breed in Middle East.Turkish Angora also called as "Ankara Cats" has not changed much even after centuries.These cats were specially famous because of their tendency to have odd eyes.Turkish Angora cats were brought to USA in early 17th century.Although they are still not so much in number in USA as compared with other cat breeds but are surely one of the most famous cat breed.First white Turkish Angora Cat was registered in USA by Cats Fanciers Association in 1968.At start CFA was only registering these cats with pure white coat but later own CFA started registering Angora cats with different coat colors.Turkish Angora cats are also thought to be related with Persian Cats due to resemblance in their coat and origins.However Turkish Angora cats are thought to be existed before the Persian Cats.Almost all the long haired cats were brought to Europe in the late 15th century.Paintings by different artists from 16th century confirm their existence in France and United Kingdom.In 1950 Turkish government thought to save their national cat breed and decided to reintroduce it to the world as unique cat breed.For that purpose pure white Turkish Angora cats were kept in Ankara Zoo.Two Turkish Angora cats were also exported to USA in 1954.
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