Things to know about Sphnyx Cats!

Sphnyx are famous because of their strange look.Sphnyx is not only hairless cat breed.The existence of hairless cat breeds date back to 1830s.They were present in sub-continent and also in Latin American countries.Sphnyx cats may have two different colored eyes.They have warm bodies because of baldness the warmth of their body can be felt on touching them.Newborn Sphnyx kittens weighs about 0.2-0.4 kg in weight.They have average litter size of 4 kittens.Due to hairless coat they are more prone to diseases.They have some hairs present on their tails while whiskers are absent Sphnyx cats.The reason for their baldness is due to a recessive gene.They are thought to be a result of mutation between two hairless cat breeds.Sphnyx cats are not hypoallergenic they do shed skin are as normal as other cat breeds.Their body metabolism rate is higher than other cat breeds.Therefore,they need higher calories.They are very active and like to jump from high altitudes.They are very people oriented and intelligent cat breed who can understand human emotions.They are not lap cats and have endless amount of energy.They are also called "Monkeys of Feline World".


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