Temperament and Personality of Yorkshire Terrier

 Yorkshire Terriers are  considered to be a agile,affectionate,active and fearless dog breed.They are true attention seekers wherever they go.They are very intelligent and due to their activeness they have been used in cloth mills to prevent rats and also in Rat Baiting.They are keen to learn and are always in a search to do something new and adventurous.Contrary to their look they can be a bit aggressive if they don't like something like strangers or other animals that are not familiar to them.Yorkshire Terriers do need proper socialization to learn to behave well in outdoors.However after trained once would certainly be a best companion wherever you take them.The naughtiness in their nature is not ignore able and never goes by aging.They like to play with toys and can be a nice playmate for your children.Because of their small size children are also not afraid of them and they pay back well if nicely treated by children and elders.They are very much independent in their nature and like to manage their matters on their own.However can be a bit demanding in some cases.They are people oriented and likes to be out where lots of people are around them.They hate being alone and always want you to be with them.They easily get bored so you need to have lots of playable things where you are keeping your Yorkie.
Image Source:jobspapa


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