Temperament and Personality of Turkish Angora Cat

 Turkish Angora cats are best described as affectionate,outgoing,intelligent and docile.They are considered as one of the most affectionate cat breed who attracts people from around the world because of it's unique look.Turkish Angoras has long been one of the important family member of Anatolian people.They are active,playful and people oriented.Their relation with human beings can never be ignored.They have ability to understand human emotions and therefore  have become a first and foremost choice for most of cat owners.They are intelligent and have ability to understand things happening around them.Turkish Angora cats loyal to their families and would like to follow their owners wherever they go.They have endless amount of energies and are quite naughty cats who would like to discover every new thing present in house.They are easily trainable and get along well with other pets if properly trained and timely socialized.They are affectionate and are not aggressive at all that is the reason why the get along so well with children.They can be quite moody.You need to judge your Angora's mood and if it's good that nothing can be more delightful than spending time with your Turkish Angora.
They are outgoing and love to wander in streets.As they are so people oriented so never do a mistake to leave you cat alone.They would easily get bored and that can be a big cause behind their mood being destroyed.Most of Turkish Angora cats like water but that is not the case with all so you need to pass some time in order to be aware from what your cat likes.Turkish Angora cats mostly kept at homes have been seen showing good behavior to strangers.However the biggest factor behind your cats behavior towards strangers is the previous training you have provided him with.
Image Source:walltor


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