Temperament and Personality of Sphnyx Cat

Sphnyx are considered as one of the most affectionate cat breed.Sphnyx are intelligent,loving and like to be attached with the people around them.Like Maine Coon cats Sphnyxes also like to climb up high places and are always in a try to find a suitable place to jump from.They are strong not so muscular but has amazing amount of energy that never ends in any case.The are also friendly with children and love to play with them.Sphnyx cats are also called monkey cats because of their habit to be always in a try to jump.They are easy to train and would mould themselves in the way you train them.They are not so talkative and they have good understanding with the situation going on and they may change their behavior according to that.They are very much people oriented that is why they hate being alone.The generally do not like other pets in house but would easily get along with them if socialized for a long time.The like to chase people around them and can surely be good companions specially for those who are allergic to long haired cats.
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