Temperament and Personality of Pugs

 Pugs has long been winning hearts of their owners and people around them.Pugs are described as quiet,affectionate,loving and charming dog breed.They really care for their beauty and wants to look as charming as possible to get attraction of people.Pugs are never tired of being pet by their owner and from eating lots of food.They are not outgoing and prefer to be at home.Pugs are quiet and never take them as watch dogs as they mostly don't care if you are a stranger.They mostly behave equally with everyone around them.Now they are sleeping in your lap and after some time it can be anyone else around you.Pugs are not aggressive at all.Pugs are people oriented and are independent dogs.They would always need you so make sure you have enough time for them before you are going to get one.Pugs hate being alone in other word they can't be alone.They would easily get bored and you may experience behavioral changes if you are not giving them proper time.Pugs get along well with children.Children also prefer pugs due to their small size and cute looks.Pugs pay back well in shape of love and their playful activities.Pugs are quite stubborn in nature.They are a bit picky and would make you suffer a bit to choose the right thing they want.Pugs are naughty and are expert in making people laugh.
They never grow up and would behave like a baby dog throughout their lives.They are often called big dogs in a small size because of their vivacious personalities.Pugs are quiet silly and are not very easy to train.They have tendency to forget things they have learned so you may need a dog sitter for your pug to provide him with continuous training.Pugs never hate anyone around them and same is with other animals.Pugs get along well with other pets.All that you need to do is to try to socialize them a bit earlier.Pugs have been seen behaving well with cats and also other dogs and never include themselves in fighting.
Image Source:nathalisse


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