Temperament and Personality of Labrador Retriever

  Labrador Retrievers has gain their reputation as an intelligent,hard working,agile,playful and loving dog breed.This dog breed has got countless qualities that you would be able to feel if you have them.They are not aggressive by nature and are highly trainable.This dog breed has proven itself as one of the most well behaved dog breed.They have amazing ability to get along with other pets if properly and carefully socialized.They are actually not guard dogs by nature but still they have ability to protect their family and the place they are living in.Labrador Retrievers have endless amount of energy and are never tired of work.They like to complete each and every task given to them.Labs are really helpful and sporting at work and the reason why they are called retriever is that they were used by their owners to retrieve fishes.They are extremely loyal and would love to welcome you on your return to home.They have amazing ability to understand human emotions and can understand things happening around them.Due to being well tempered they would get along well with children.They can be a nice playmate for your children.Labradors also get along well with other pets just you need to train them carefully and they will soon be an ideal dog that every dog owner would wish to have.They like to hangout and are a perfect travelers.They can be a perfect watchdog on picnic or on family  journeys.Due to being so people oriented Labs hate being alone and would always be waiting for at home that you can easily feel by their behavior on your return.
Temperament and Personality of Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers does not like to be jobless or you can say they hate to waste time and sitting without doing anything.They would soon get bored if remain jobless.They are keen to learn new things and would always be in a search to do something new.Labrador Retrievers are the most used dogs to help paralysed people because of their ability to develop quick understanding and their sportive nature.
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