Temperament and Personality of Japanese Bobtail Cat

  Japanese Bobtails are intelligent,loving and exceptionally active cat breed.They were used in Japan to save silkworms from rodents.They have amazing energy level that never ends in any case.They are gentle and fun loving.They have unique naughtiness in their nature and like to play with toys.They are human oriented and likes to be free.That is why they are called street cats.Japanese Bobtails are suitable for children due to their gentle behavior.They like to chase and fetch.They are vocal like Siamese who rarely keeps quiet.They are dominant in nature and usually does not like other pets but can get along well with them if introduced earlier.Japanese Bobtail cats hate to be left alone and would like to welcome you at door.They are easy to train and their behaviour really depends upon how well you have trained them.Japanese Bobtails like to jump from high places and is a fearless cat.


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