Temperament and Personality of Burmese Cat

  Burmese Cats have amazing temperament and personality.They like to be with humans means are completely people oriented.They are closest in relation with "Siamese" that are also people oriented and affectionate.They are intelligent,affectionate and are always keen to learn.Burmese are highly trainable and you can easily make them an ideal pet for you.Burmese cats are one of the vocal members of feline world and would be a bit demanding in some cases.The best thing you can do is to pet your Burmese as they love this and want you to always touch them.As the are so much related to humans that actually shows how much they hate being alone.Actually,in other words they can't be alone.They would love to welcome you on door just like they were waiting for a long time.They love to play with children and also with toys.This cat rarely have been seen showing aggression so they can be a great pet if you have children at home.They like to attract people around them and are in search to get attention.They usually don't like other pets at home and wants to get all the love from their owner.However,they are patient and have ability to learn the situation.All in all once you get a Burmese falling in love with them is inevitable.
Image Source:euroburmese


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