Temperament and Personality of British Shorthair Cat

 British Shorthair cats are described as independent,calm and intelligent.These cats never bother people around them.British Shorthair cats are not demanding and would adjust themselves to the area they are provided with.They would not ask you to pet them always or to pick them to your shoulder.They are not lap cats and would prefer to sit on a couch beside you.They are not vocal at all and tries to manage any possible thing on their own.British Shorthair cats like to follow people and would keep walking behind you like your dog.They have muscular strong bodies but they never show their energy in aggression or on destroying thing around them.They usually keep calm and would show you by gestures if they need something.These cats are not always in need of your attention.They can be an ideal pet for you and your family if you don't have much time for your pet.On the other side they are good with children.They never show aggression towards them and can be a nice playmate for children.British Shorthairs are intelligent and easy to train.They don't mostly like to jump from high places or to climb high.They get along well with other pets.All that you to need to do is an early and proper socialization.They are not very much people oriented but that does not mean you can leave them alone for a long time.They would get bored.They have the tendency to be more close to one of their owners.These small teddy bears are apartment cats and does not need lots of exercise.From every prospective British Shorthair cats can surely be an ideal pet for you.
Image Source:fineartamerica


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