Temperament and Personality of American Wirehair Cat


  American Wirehair is an energetic,muscular and outgoing medium sized breed of cats.They are highly trainable but to a specific extent.They are affectionate and loving.They can surely be a nice playmate for your children.They are quite independent in nature and likes to do things on their own.They are intelligent and playful.They are not only friendly with the family but also with other pets.They are outgoing and very much people oriented.They like to follow their owners.They have ability to understand the circumstances and they know how to respect their owners like they will keep quiet when they see you talking or if you are busy.Their ability to understand human emotions can not be ignored.They need your proper attention and care.They like to be between people and takes interest in what is going around them.As most of other pets these cats hate being alone or in other words can't be alone.Though they are independent but would easily get bored if you leave them for a long time.They are lap cats and would like to Purr while you are petting them.Their socialization with other pets in the start will make them use to see other pets normally and as a result it will end up not be having any problem with other pets.As a whole American Wirehair is a decent pet that would love to sit in your lap and will not get tired till the time you want to play with them.
Image Source:kaewho


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