Temperament and Personality of Siberian Husky

  Siberian Huskies attracts attention of breeders and the people wishing to have them as a pet due to their unique abilities,characteristics and amazing look but the question is that is Siberian Husky a suitable breed for your family or would they be able to survive where you are going to kept them?
Siberian Huskies are described as intelligent,hard working,loyal and gentle dogs.They don't like to be at home all the time.They are out going and playful.They have well balanced medium sized bodies which also helps them to manage such athletic tasks.Siberian Huskies have long been used as working dogs therefore they hate being jobless and are always ready to perform their duties.Siberian Huskies are intelligent and are good at learning new things and adopting them.They are not very hard to train but careful and proper training is required starting from puppyhood.They usually have an habit to forget things early therefore you may need to remind them time by time.Siberian Huskies get well along with other pets if socialized properly.They are also known for their well behavior with strangers as they are not vocal and does not bark on every new person they see them.They are also good with children and can be a nice playmate for them.They have not being seen usually showing aggression to other pets and strangers but that also depends upon your dog's background and how well you have trained it.For example due to the need to breed excessively most of the breeders does not pay significant attention to the dog's temperament that may come out in shape of aggression later.
Siberian Huskies are people oriented.They usually prefer to sit at either of your sides instead of always asking you to pet them.Huskies hate being alone and would soon get bored.They likes to attract people and needs your proper attention and considerable amount of time from your daily routine.All that you need is to be a good leader and you can change your Siberian Husky in an ideal pet.
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