Suitable food for your Pug

 Food plays the most essential part in your puppy's development.Wrong choice of food can make your dog suffer from a disease.Pugs are quite stubborn and independent.You must spend some time for your pug to decide that what he likes and what he doesn't.A puppy's diet should be different from an adult's diet.Wet foods and grain free foods are better for puppies.Pugs likes to eat a lot.Here are some recommended pet foods that may help you selecting a suitable pet food for your Pug.Royal Canine,Blue Buffalo,Acana Dog food,American Natural Premium,Avoderm Dog food,Canine Caviar.Wet foods are always a better choice to feed.For wet foods Azmira dog food,Blue Buffalo,Dogswell dog food,Evo dog food,Nutro Max are recommended.


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