Size and Weight of Siberian Husky

  Siberian Huskies have medium sized muscular bodies.They have double thick coat.Siberians have been used as working dogs since their creation and has been defeating larger dog breeds in dog races.Standard height for a male Siberian ranges from 21-23.5 inches or 53-60 cm while weight of an adult Siberian Husky is about 45-50 lbs or 20.5-27 kg.Height for a female Siberian Husky lies in the range of 20-22 inches or 51-56 cm whereas weight range for a female is around 35-50 lbs or 16-22.5 kg.
Photo By:{Alena Nemitkova}
Image Source:turningpoint2


  1. I thought the weight range for the breed was 35 to 60 pounds. Check out the breed standards at the AKC: