Siberian Husky Dog History

  Siberian Husky the "Snow Dog" has it's origin in Siberia.A famous tribe named "Chukchi"in north-eastern Siberia has used Siberian Huskies as working dogs for a long time.The were mostly used for Herding purposes pulling carts people used them to travel and also as guard dogs.This dog breed also has notable history in Alaska.The were actually brought to Alaska as sled dogs and were used for dog race in hard weather conditions.From Alaska this dog breed entered the American Region and soon become famous their because of it's abilities.Siberian Huskies first touched American Soil in 1908.This dog breed has earned great fame in America due to it's racing abilities and hard working nature.Siberian Huskies have proved themselves faster than the dogs almost twice than their size.The breed was first recognized by American Kennel Club in 1930.Siberian Husky won "Best in the Dog show" award in a Dog show held by American Kennel club in 1955.A dog Siberian Husky named "Balto" won the award of being the best dog of Alaska and in his honor his statue was built in the New York,America.One of the most popular dog race was "All-Alaska sweepstakes race" that was held between Nome and Candles almost covering a distance of 408 miles.Siberian Huskies trained by two Norwegian men named "Jafet Lindberg" and "Roal Amundsen" won the next three sweepstakes races.Siberian Huskies arrived in United Kingdom quite late.They were first brought to United Kingdom in 1940.From United Kingdom they spread over Europe while the research confirms their existence in Scandinavian countries before their arrival to United Kingdom.Siberian Huskies are now considered as the most old existing dog breed are thought to be created about 3000 years ago.
Image Source:petinfoclub


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