Poodle Dog Breed History

  Poodle is actually a group of dog breeds having three types of Poodle dogs in it.The breed is considered to be originated in Germany.This breed has amazing swimming skills as it were actually bred to be a water dog which is a term used for dogs that have skills to retrieve in water game and were used my fisherman to retrieve fishes.After being originated in Germany the breed soon became famous in the neighbor country France and has then taken the position of national dog breed of France.The breed is named "Caniche" in France which has a meaning of  "Dog with a duck like swimming ability"The exact date when the Poodle dog breed was created is unknown.However they are considered to be produced in late 15th century.This dog breed has also played it's part in first and second world war as a companion of soldiers.Poodle breed is also thought to have it's ancestors in Russia.The breed touched the English in late 18th century while it has already have created it's position as one of the most important dog breed in European Region.The breed was first recognized by Kennel Club in United Kingdom in early in 1914.Due to it's intelligence and highly trainable nature the breed also became popular in USA.The breed was first recognized by American Kennel Club in 1886.After a decade the Poodle dog club was founded in America in 1896.All the ancestors of Poodle dog breed are considered to have great swimming skills and the main reason is their their coat that does not soak water and helps them improve their speed inside water.However Toy Poodles are considerably smaller in size and have pretty much different characteristics and uses than other types of Poodle dog breed.
Image Source:royaldogportraits


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