Labrador Retriever Dog History

  Labrador Retriever or simply Lab is no doubt the most famous dog breed in USA.They are thought to be originated in Canada.All the researchers have confirmed that this breed was first found in the Northwest region of Newfoundland Canada.There history date back to 16th century in Newfoundland.The exact ancestors of this breed are not known however there are some myths present and according to one of them this breed is closest in relation to a Portuguese domestic dog breed that is being used as a guard dog.The second says they are descendants of the St.John's dogs in Newfoundland.The Newfoundland was settled by English people that came to North America.They used their dogs to retrieve fishes and to carry their net's to the shore.The St.John's dogs were used to help people while fishing.They used to complete the given tasks.Due to their keenness for learning,amazing ability to swim and sporting nature they were a useful asset for the fisherman.Labradors of today are being used for both hard work and an affectionate fun loving house pet.This breed touched the English soil in early 19th century.In the beginning the breed couldn't get much attention of the English breeders.After almost three decades Labrador Retriever appeared as a famous Dog breed in English region and  due to excessive   breeding Labradors of today are now being classified into two main groups English Labrador and American Labrador.This breed was first recognized by Kennel Club in England in 1903 while in America by American Kennel Club in 1917.
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