Interesting Facts about Yorkshire Terrier

  Yorkshire Terriers were originated in country of Yorkshire,England.This breed is a blend of Scottish Terrier and other English Terriers.The breed has been used for Rat baiting and in cloth mills to prevent rats.Yorkshire Terriers are thought to be much bigger in size at the time of their creation.They were intentionally bred by breeders with small terriers to make the breed small and unique in looks.Size of today's Yorkshire Terrier ranges from 5-8 inches.Yorkshire Terriers are fearless and curious in nature.They are called models of the Canine World due to their glamorous look are symbol from being high class from a long time.This breed has earned a great fame and is now considered to be the third most popular breed in USA.Yorkies are big dogs inside means they are unaware of their actual size.They are fearless and can show aggression towards dogs thrice of their own size.
Image Source:Picstopin


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