How to Groom your Sphnyx Cat?

  Due to baldness Sphnyx does not need excessive grooming.Their skin gets oily earlier that is why they usually need bath twice a week.They like to be cleaned and does not like wet places.Special care should be taken in hard weather conditions.However,during bath try not to let the shampoo enter their nostrils,ears or in eyes.Do not use very warm water while giving them a bath because it may cause problem for their skin as it is really sensitive.There is no need of a special drier to dry their skin.A normal towel would be enough.They have big ears that are wide at the base so they soon become dirty if not cleaned.Always use a cotton bud to clean the ears and keep checking them weekly.Try to cut the nails at a significant distance from the roots to avoid any kind of bleeding.Always use a nail cutter that cuts the nails in a wound shape.Keep their claws pressed at the bottom in order to see nails properly.You can also clean the teeth but that is something most cats hate.Try to be gentle and always use a soft tooth brush and a medicated tooth paste.
Image Source:mascotas


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