How much does a British Shorthair Cat sleeps?

Almost all cats sleeps so much.Cats usually sleep during day time and are active at night when you fell asleep.Same is the case with small kittens.Mostly cats sleep about 10-16 hours in a day.Some cats may sleep 20 hours in a day.Actually cats are small lions kept in houses.They eat high protein food that requires long sleep to digest it.Cats are active at night because of their hunting nature.That is actually the reason why they are provided by night vision by nature.After a long day sleep they need to hunt at night while in houses they start playing or they may come to your room and will see you sleeping.Mostly cats take a round of all the house at night.Sometimes cats don't sleep actually and they would just close their eyes and start noticing things happening around them.They moves their ears toward the origin of voice in this way cats past most of their time while you think them they are sleeping.
Image Source:carigold


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