Health Problems in Burmese Cats


  Purebred Burmese have no particular health issues but they are still prone to some diseases that have been seen more in Burmese than some other popular cat breeds.Some Burmese have been seen with Congenital heart problems in very early stage of their life.This disease is also common in Himalayan breeds.Burmese are also prone to Junctional epidermolysis in which the the claws starts shedding in first two months of their birth.Phsycogenic Alopesia is a disease that occurs due to excessive shedding of hairs that may occur due to excessive grooming or any kind of skin problem,itching or due to Hairballs etc.Thromboembolism is a disease that occurs due to the clotting of blood in arteries and that disturbs the blood flow towards hind limbs.Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) is a genetic disease that occurs due to the increase in thickness of layer around heart and it disturbs the pumping of heart.This disease may also  appear in early age of a kitten.However,most of the diseases are genetic but still proper care and timely vaccination can surely affect the health of your cat.
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