Facts about Manx cats

  Manx cats have small or no tails which is the result of spontaneous natural mutation.Here are some other interesting facts about Manx cats
  1. Manx cats are considered as one of the oldest existing cat breeds.They have their origin in Isle of Man an island is Irish Sea.
  2. Due to their popularity in the country of their origin their picture was crowned on currency coins in 1988.
  3. Manx are classified into four groups on the basis of their tail lengths.The Manx with shortest or no tail is considered real or purebred Manx.
  4. See Tail lengths in Manx
  5. Manx comes in almost all color patters.Coat lengths may differ from cat to cat.They have round body structures with hind legs quite larger in length.
  6. Manx are often called Dog like cats means they have also have characteristics of a Dog.The most prominent of that is their loyalty and attachment to their owners.
  7. Image Source:petguide


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