Facts about Japanese Bobtail Cat and their Tails

  Japanese Bobtail cat is a natural domestic cat breed.This breed has thought to be originated in china and has been the most famous breed in Japan from centuries.This breed was first brought to USA in 1960s.This breed has a naturally docked tail that seems like broken.The tail of each Japanese Bobtail Cat differs in shape.The tail is usually 3-4 inches in length.This is a healthy cat breed with a naturally strong immune system.Japanese Bobtails have both long-haired and short-haired coats.The most popular coat color in Japanese Bobtail is tri-color..The most similar breeds with Japanese Bobtail are Manx and American Bobtail cats.Japanese Bobtails are parrots of the feline world because the like to sit on shoulder and like to be carried from one place to other.
Image Source:nuestrasmascotas


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