Facts About Burmese Cats

Burmese are interesting creatures.For a long time this breed couldn't get attention because of their resemblance with Siamese.Actually,they do have many things in common.The original coat color of  Burmese were Sable brown that but now due to crossbreeding many different coat colors can be seen in them.Similarly,their original eye color was greenish but Burmese of today  also have Blue and Brown colored eyes.Burmese is considered as one of the most intelligent member of the feline world.They have strong muscular bodies and have endless amount of energy stored in them.Burmese is the most human loving and people oriented cat who always wants you to pet her.Burmese are vocal cats but are still behind Siamese.Burmese hate being alone.They have tendency to be more close to one of their owners.They are keen to learn and always are in a search to know what is happening around them.
Image Source:arqkitet


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