Burmese Cat History with picture

  Burmese are separated into two main groups American and British Burmese Cat.They are often confused with "Birman Cats".Burmese are thought to be originated in Thailand.The Burmese that we see today is descendant of cat that was brought to USA by an American breeder in 1930s and was named as Wong Mau.This cat soon became a famous cat in American region and attracted cat breeders of USA.The original coat color was chocolate brown as can be seen in the above picture but constant breeding to gain the required color has changed their appearance a bit that is why Burmese cat that we know now appears in different coat colors.At first Burmese cat brought from Burma to USA was bred with Siamese cats may be that is the reason why Burmese of today are most similar to Siamese cats.The Siamese that were shown on a cat show at "Crystal Palace" in 1871 had a close resemblance with Burmese Cat that can be a proof of being descended from same cats.Burmese cats were first recognized by Cat Fancier's Association (CFA) in 1936.In 1950s first blue coat colored Burmese in England carried the attention of breeders that were not ready to consider it as a purebred because of it's unique coat color.This breed touched the soil of United Kingdom a bit late ans was first recognized their in 1952.At that time they were cross bred with the cats imported from America.Today's British Burmese are a bit larger in size than American Burmese cats and more hairs can be seen on tails and above the claws.
Image Source:indulgy


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