British Shorthair Cat History

  Exact origin of British Shorthair cat is unknown.However it is thought that these cats are descendents of Egyptian cats carried by Romans.Roman conquest of Great Britain started in AD 43 during that times Romans carried their cats with them to British soil.Those cats were  long been bred by local British cats and as a result this hardy cat produced.These cats have amazing hunting skills and are also thought to be bred in Roman period lasting almost for four centuries in Britain to prevent rodents.These cats were used in mills to prevent rats and squirrels.It is also said that this breed has changed least over the centuries of their breeding and is carrying almost same characteristics.Harrison Weir an English artist mentioned this cat in his book and gave him an important place it it.With his many other exhibitions Harrison Weir has an honor to organize the very first cat show held in England at Crystal Palace and judged it himself.At that cat show in 1871 British Shortahir Cats appeared as the most important cat breed.British Shorthair cat was first brought to France in the start of 18th century and this hardy cat also became famous there.Later it was bred carefully by French breeders and is now one of the most famous cat breed in France.This cat continued to be the most famous cat in Europe before the arrival of Persian cats.This breed has seen a great decline during World War 1 in England.At that time only few of them are thought to survived but later on careful breeding by European breeders helped them recover from that loss.British Shorhairs were heavily exported to USA in early 20th century.In 1901 the first British Shorthair cat was registered in USA.
Image Source:picstopin


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