Average Size and Weight of Pugs

 Pug is a small sized dog breed with a square shaped body and small nose.They are closest in resemblance with Pekingese which were also bred by Chinese in the same era.Pugs have small but muscular bodies.Pugs have been seen suffering from obesity.They gain weight earlier than most of other dog breeds.An adult male pug has an average weight ranging from 13-20 lbs or 5.9-kg whereas average for an adult female pug is 13-18 lbs or 5.9-8kg.Pugs are often called big dog in a small size.An adult make Pug has an average height ranging from 12-14 inches or 30-36 cm whereas height range for a female Pug is around 10-12 inches or 25-30 cm.
Image Source:igre123


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