American Wirehair Cat History

  American wirehair is relatively a new cat breed with it's history dating back to mid of 20th century.This is a natural cat produced by natural mutations.The cat was originated in northern part of New York,America where an American Shorthair cat had an unusual kitten in her litter having wirehair coat and whiskers.That kitten along with his other his other mates were thought to be related to Devon Rex cat breed but later on it was proved that they have no relation to them and have unique coat.The research was carried out by two Britishers A.G Searle and Roy Robinson.A breeder named Joan O'Shea got a pair of kittens from that litter and breeding between them produced more wirehair kittens.These kittens attracted more other breeders who took interest in breeding these wirehair cats.In this way that wirehair gene became dominant in coming kittens and further litters produced all wirehair kittens.Though the breed has suffered from a popularity decline in the first few decades of it's creation but later the breed appeared as one of the most famous cat breed in 1970s the breed also became famous in Europe and attracted the breeders of European region.The breed was first recognized by CFA in 1967.
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