Interesting facts about Turkish Angora cats

 Turkish Angora is no doubt one of the most famous and unique cat breed.Here are some interesting facts about Turkish Angora cats
  1. Turkish Angora cats are thought to be one of the oldest domestic cat breed.They are considered to be originated in 15th century in Turkish city Ankara formerly known as Angora.
  2. Turkish Angora cats were first brought to Europe in 16th and to USA in 17th century.
  3. They have more tendency to have odd eyes than any other cat breed.Research has shown that 60-80% white Turkish Angora cats with both blue eyes are deaf.
  4. Cats having odd eyes has been seen with a tendency to be deaf from the blue eyed side.
  5.  Many of these cats suffer from deafness for just one year of their life.
  6. Prophet Muhammad was thought to have a Turkish Angora odd eyes cat named "Muezza"
  7. Average litter size of Turkish Angora cats is 5-6 kittens.
  8.  Turkish Angora cats are thought to be one of the most affectionate member of feline world.
  9. First Turkish Angora cat was recognized by Cat Fanciers association in 1973.
  10. Turkish Angora cats have long been bred with Persian cats to sustain their coat.


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