10 interesting facts about Siberian Huskies

  1. Siberian Huskies are one of the oldest existing dog breed and are thought to be more than 3000 years old.
  2. Siberian Huskies were bred to pull loads and run in Siberian Weather conditions therefore a normal Siberian Husky can travel about 150 miles in a day.
  3. A Siberian Husky can run up to 50 mph.
  4. Bite force of a Siberian Husky is about 320 lbs.
  5. Siberian Huskies can survive in temperature around -70 F
  6. Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes are two dog breeds that are closest in appearance to wolves.
  7. Siberian Huskies need a wide place and would not do well in short apartments.
  8. Their coat sheds heavily twice in a year.
  9. Siberian Huskies are watch or guard dogs.
  10. Siberian Huskies are one of the least dog breed of Canine world.
  11.  Image Source:pakkotoisto


  1. I very much enjoyed all the fun facts here and that adorable picture. Thank you!

  2. Siberian huskies are NOT guard/watch dogs!!!!!!!! Not one tiny little bit!
    In fact they would lick a stranger to death if they broke into your house rather then biting!!!
    Unless taught to bark at people the husky sees, good luck having a husky guard dog!

  3. agree: these facts are not correct according to those of us who raise and live with huskies. They are NOT guard dogs period. the last comment about being the least dog breed in canine world makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.