10 Interesting facts about Pugs

 Pugs are interesting little creatures that carries attention from all over the world.Here are some interesting facts about Pugs.
  1. Pugs were bred by Chinese and are one of the three types of small nosed muzzled faced dogs.They were first brought to Europe in 17th century.
  2. Pugs were bred to be kept in houses and have always been getting royal treatments in their history.Some Emperors have used soldiers to guard their Pugs.
  3. King Williams Pugs have saved his life by informing him about Spanish attack.King William declared them as a pet of House of Orange and took his Pugs with him to England while taking the English Throne.
  4. Pugs pass most of their time sleeping.A healthy Pug sleeps almost 14 hours in a day.
  5. Pugs like to eat a lot.They have long tongues sometimes sticking out from their mouths.Their tongue is almost equal to their body size that is about 10-12 inches.
  6. Pugs are stubborn and silly.They never grow up and remains same in attitude and nature throughout their life.
  7. Pugs have small muscular bodies but are not so athletic.A Pug can have running speed around  3-5 mph.
  8. Pugs shed a lot.They shed almost all the year.Pugs are lap dogs and would prefer to have a comfortable sleep in your lap instead of sleeping at other place.
  9. Pugs are fun loving and people oriented.Pugs are not vocal or aggressive at all.
  10. Pugs never include themselves in fighting or any kind of illegal activity.They are good with children and behaves equally with everyone.That is why they are called big dogs in a small body size.
  11.  Image Source:kl688


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  2. look at the pug it stares at you with its beady little eyes